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Proceedings of 2009 International Workshop on Information Security and Application (IWISA 2009)

Qingdao, China, November 21-22, 2009

Editors: Feng Gao and Xijun Zhu

AP Catalog Number: AP-PROC-CS-09CN004

ISBN: 978-952-5726-06-0

Page(s): 653-656

Study on the Bioradar Echo Signal Recognition

††††††† Chongyu Wei and Weijuan Zhu

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To fully utilize the character of the bioradar echo signal, autocorrelation analysis, spectral estimation methods and time-frequency analysis are presented in this paper. These methods are employed to deal with no one, single people and multi-people echo signal. Singular value decomposition (SVD) is used to extract feature vector for pattern identification. Single people and multi-people can be identified from the echo signal by the bioradar. Experimental results show that spectral estimation methods can improve the signal-noise ratio, and efficiently detect the signalís frequency components. The method SVD based on Spectrum is stable and efficient to identify target information by bioradar.

Index Terms

bioradar, autocorrelation analysis, spectral estimation, spectrogram, SVD

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