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Proceedings of 2009 International Workshop on Information Security and Application (IWISA 2009)

Qingdao, China, November 21-22, 2009

Editors: Feng Gao and Xijun Zhu

AP Catalog Number: AP-PROC-CS-09CN004

ISBN: 978-952-5726-06-0

Page(s): 601-604

Research of Technology for Thenar Palmprint Locating and Segmentation

Xijun Zhu, Dazhuan Liu, and Qiulin Zhang

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In the process of thenar palmprint objective and quantitative recognition, the locating and segmentation of thanar palmprint is very important. For the specificity of the region that we need, a set of approach is proposed to extract the thenar palmprint. The method to the collected palmprint image includes filtering, binary processing and contour tracking, obtaining the key point, and after choosing an appropriate location central point, the thenar palmprint is obtained. The experimental results illustrate the effectiveness of the method.

Index Terms

palmprint, thenar palmprint, contour tracking, locating, segmentation

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