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Proceedings of 2009 International Workshop on Information Security and Application (IWISA 2009)

Qingdao, China, November 21-22, 2009

Editors: Feng Gao and Xijun Zhu

AP Catalog Number: AP-PROC-CS-09CN004

ISBN: 978-952-5726-06-0

Page(s): 473-476

Research of Data Visualization in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Jun Xie, Tao Pan, Yaosheng Lu, and Chengde Chen

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The spectroscopy data visualization software is developed to display the blood glucose data collected by near-infrared spectroscopy spectrometer using object-oriented programming techniques. The test results show the software can reach the pre-set functions and its intuitive interface and convenient access to all operations can assist users to do data analysis quickly and easily. Furthermore the spectroscopy data visualization software has strong scalability, and its design thinking and methods can be expanded and applied into design of other model medical information systems.

Index Terms

Spectroscopy, Visualization, Java, Jfreechart, Chemometrics

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