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Proceedings of 2009 International Workshop on Information Security and Application (IWISA 2009)

Qingdao, China, November 21-22, 2009

Editors: Feng Gao and Xijun Zhu

AP Catalog Number: AP-PROC-CS-09CN004

ISBN: 978-952-5726-06-0

Page(s): 154-156

Development of Universal Testing Machine Remote Test and Monitoring System Based on Virtual Instrument

Jianxin Wang, Xianwei Gao, Erhong Lu, and Xiuying Li

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In view of the high manual error factor and the low test accuracy of the traditional universal testing machine system in China, the test procedure is still dependent on mechanical lever sense to identify and judge. The WE300A universal testing machine system is upgrading by using virtual instrument. The software developed is based on PCI bus and runs on the LabWindows/CVI platform. The system can send data which is acquired from the universal testing machine to the Internet/Intranet through the DataSocket server; the users can acquire the data from Internet/Intranet terminal node.

Index Terms

universal testing machine, test, virtual instrument

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