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This is the proceedings of 2009 International Workshop on Information Security and Application, organized by Computer Engineering Institute of Qingdao Technological University, China, Trent University, Canada and Shandong Institute of Automation, China

The conference received 365 papers which come from 3 countries. A total number of 170 papers are selected for the proceedings by the conference scientific committee through referee review.

The selected papers cover various areas in Information Security and Applications, and some related areas in computer graphics, virtual reality, image processing, information hiding and digital watermarking, network information theory, data compression, coding, intrusion detection technology, and intelligent control theory, etc.

With the global movement toward information age, security concern has increased. IWISA2009 is the 1st International Workshop on advances in theory, systems, and applications for all information security. The aim of this workshop is to encourage activities in this field, bring together researchers with information security, share ideas, and promote the security technology. Participants of the workshop will hear from renowned keynote speakers including: Prof. Alagar from Montreal University, Canada and Prof. Wenying Feng, from Trent University, Canada.

We are very grateful to all those who have contributed to the success of IWISA 2009. We hope that all participants benefit scientifically from the proceedings and also find it inspiring in the process. Finally, we would like to wish you success in your technical presentations and social networking.

We hope you have a unique, rewarding and enjoyable time at IWISA 2009 in Qingdao, China.



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IWISA 2009 Workshop Co-General Chairs:


Professor Tiejun Zhao

Vice president of Qingdao Technological University, China


Lei Jia

President of Institute of Automation Shandong Academy of Sciences

Assistant President of Shandong University, China


21 - 22 November 2009 in Qingdao, China

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