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Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Information Processing (ISIP 2009)

Huangshan, China, August 21-23, 2009

Editors: Fei Yu, Jian Shu, and Guangxue Yue

AP Catalog Number: AP-PROC-CS-09CN002

ISBN: 978-952-5726-02-2 (Print), 978-952-5726-03-9 (CD-ROM)

Page(s): 121-124

Digital Information Security Sharing System Based On Lineage Model

Tao Li, YiWen Liang, and He Yang

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When electronic information sharing,it bring challenges to security.Because it is easy to copy,modify and spread rapidly, original access control rules will be ineffective. In this process, the ownership of files, the relationship between the user may change,it requires the security model to support the mutable attributes and implement security file sharing throughout the file life cycle .To achieve this goal, dynamic authority and file tracing and audit must be solved better.In this paper,a security file sharing system based on lineage model is proposed,it support dynamic authority in mutable environment . Even when multiple files mixing, they can achieve their own access control rules.It implement the file trace,we can know who has visit this file and what is dissemination path.

Index Terms

lineage;dynamic authority;security sharing

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