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Proceedings of 2009 International Symposium on Computer Science and Computational Technology (ISCSCT 2009)

Huangshan, China, December 26-28, 2009

Editors: Fei Yu, Guangxue Yue, Jian Shu, Yun Liu

AP Catalog Number: AP-PROC-CS-09CN005

ISBN: 978-952-5726-07-7 (Print), 978-952-5726-08-4 (CD-ROM)

Page(s): 377-380

Rate Adaptation Transcoding Control Algorithm for Video Transmission over Wireless Channels

††††††† Wenbing Fan, Minglin Zhou, and Yingqiao Shi

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In this paper, we investigate the problem of rate adaptation transcoding algorithm for transmitting video over wireless channels, i.e., channels such that errors tend to occur in clusters during fading periods. An adaptive rate control algorithm based on the theory of stochastic optimal control was proposed, which is capable of dynamically determining the transcoderís objective bit rate according to the bandwidth variation of wireless channel and the buffer occupancy. In addition, it can balance real-time transmission with continuity of video playing and attempt to acquire the best overall performance. Then we analyze the transient performance, steady performance, and computational complexity of the algorithm. Our experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can accurately control the bit-rate of the transcoded video stream and reduce the number of frames been skipped without violating the end-to-end delay requirement.

Index Terms

wireless LAN, rate control, adaptation transcoder,† real-time transmission

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