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2009 International Symposium on Intelligent Information Systems and Applications (IISA 2009)to be held in conjunction with Second International Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering (WCSE 2009).

The 2009 International Symposium on Intelligent Information Systems and Applications brings together researchers from academia and industry, who are interested in the emergent field of information processing. We solicited papers that present recent results, as well as more speculative presentations that discuss research challenges, define new applications, and propose methodologies for evaluating and provide a roadmap for achieving the vision of Computer Science and Engineering. Welcome to IISA 2009.


Welcome to Qingdao, China, 28-30, Oct. 2009. The 2009 International Symposium on Intelligent Information Systems and Applications (IISA 2009) is sponsored by Qingdao University of Science & Technology, China; Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Russia; Nanchang HangKong University, China; National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan;Hunan Agricultural University , China; Guangdong University of Business Studies, China; Jiaxing University, China. Technical Co-Sponsors of the conference are IEEE, IEEE Shandong Section, IEEE Shanghai Section. Much work went into preparing a program of high quality. The conference received 320 paper submissions from 17 countries and regions; every paper was reviewed by 2 program committee members; 170 papers have been selected as regular papers, representing a 53% acceptance rate for regular papers.


The goal of WCSE 2009 & IISA 2009 are to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to exchange their research ideas and results, and to discuss the state of the art in the many areas of security for electronic commerce. Participants of the Symposium will hear from renowned keynote speakers including: IEEE Fellow Prof. Gary G. Yen, President-Elect of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, Oklahoma State University, USA; IEEE Fellow Prof. Jun Wang from Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; IEEE Fellow Prof. Derong Liu, Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; IEEE & IET Fellow Prof. Chin-Chen Chang from National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, and Chair of IEEE Shanghai Section; and Prof. Junfa Mao at Shanghai Jiaotong University, China.


We would like to thank the program chairs, organization staff, and the members of the program committees for their hard work. We hope that WCSE 2009 & IISA 2009 will be successful and enjoyable to all participants.


We thank Sun, George J. for his wonderful editorial service to this proceeding.


We wish each of you successful deliberations, stimulating discussions, new friendships and all enjoyment Qingdao, China can offer you. While this is a truly remarkable Symposium, there is more yet to come. We look forward to seeing all of you next year at the IISA 2010.


                                                                                                                                                                Qingling Li, Fei Yu, Yun Liu, Martha Russell

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