ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : July 2009

Intelligent Job Shop Scheduling Based on MAS and Integrated Routing Wasp Algorithm and
Scheduling Wasp Algorithm
Yan Cao, Yanli Yang, Huamin Wang, and Lina Yang
Page(s): 487-494
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Dynamic scheduling algorithms are gaining more and more special attention for their satisfying
robustness when confronted with unexpected events as well as their considerably high
performance in scheduling. An organization structure for intelligent job shop scheduling based on
MAS (Multiple Agents System) is put forward to achieve effective and efficient production. A hybrid
multilayer agent structure is put forward to facilitate constructing various agents. Consequently, all
resources in a manufacturing system are reorganized into an agile manufacturing network of
agents of autonomous and cooperative characteristics. Regarding wasps as a specific kind of
agents, wasp colony algorithms are used to solve job shop dynamic scheduling problem. Based on
the principle of the wasp colony algorithm, two different algorithms, namely the routing wasp
algorithm and the scheduling wasp algorithm, are combined to solve the job shop dynamic
scheduling problem. The algorithms are modified to better adapt to job shop dynamic scheduling
environment. The algorithms are developed based on Eclipse 3.2 and J2SE 6.0. Simulation
experiments are accomplished and experimental data are analyzed. The results show that the
principle of the algorithms is simple, their computational quantity is small, and they can be applied
to multi-batch dynamic scheduling with unpredictable entry time due to their favorable potential.

Index Terms
job shop scheduling, dynamic scheduling, MAS, wasp colony algorithm, Eclipse, J2SE