ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : July 2009

Multi-view Metamodeling of Software Architecture Behavior
Ammar Bessam and Mohamed Tahar Kimour
Page(s): 478-486
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Component based development is recognized now as a powerful tool to manage actual systems’
technological complexity. The success key factor of this discipline is the high level abstracting of
systems’ structural and behavioral constituents. On the other hand, enhancing software
architectures simplicity and clarity by separating several concerns is a useful technique to manage
complexity. In order to have a complete system specification, a rigorous behavior description is
needed. Behavioral concepts and their use in architectural specification are in a fast evolution and
have become so numerous, so it becomes difficult to elicit and manage them. For these purposes,
we present in this paper, a generalized meta-model of behavioral aspects, that indexes the various
architectural behavior concepts in classes, in a generic way. To enable more sophisticated and
consistent analysis of architecture behavior we have separated behavioral concepts into packages
basing on four functional perspectives: interface, static behavior, dynamic behavior, and interaction
protocols. We show that our proposed meta-model allows having a general, a unified and an
adaptable view of behavioral concepts required in software architecture description from all
functional viewpoints.

Index Terms
Multi-view behavior meta-modeling, architecture description languages, Software architecture
functional views, component-based software architecture, extensibility