ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : July 2009

Story Card Maturity Model (SMM): A Process Improvement Framework for Agile Requirements
Engineering Practices
Chetankumar Patel and Muthu Ramachandran
Page(s): 422-435
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This paper describes an ongoing process to define a suitable process improvement model for
story cards based requirement engineering process and practices at agile software development
environments. Key features of the SMM (Story card Maturity Model) process are: solves the problems
related to the story cards like requirements conflicts, missing requirements, ambiguous
requirements, define standard structure of story cards, to address nonfunctional requirements from
exploration phase, and the use of a simplified and tailored assessment method for story cards
based requirements engineering practices based on the CMM, which is poorly addressed at CMM.
CMM does not cover how the quality of the requirements engineering process should be secured or
what activities should be present for the requirements engineering process to achieve a certain
maturity level. It is difficult to know what is not addressed or what could be done to improve the
process. We also presents how can be the identified areas of improvement from assessment can
be mapped with best knowledge based story cards practices for agile software development

Index Terms
Story card maturity model, Agile requirements, Requirements Engineering, SPI