ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : July 2009

Modeling and Simulation of SCSA Performance under E-Commerce Environment
Zhibin Liu, Wenwen Cao, and Shengliang Yuan
Page(s): 405-412
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The performance evaluation of supply chain strategy alliance (SCSA) has the novelty compares with
the traditional enterprise organization form under electronic commerce environment. This paper
constructs a set of systematic SCSA evaluating indices system that included four aspects of
customer and node enterprise satisfaction, supply chain operation flow, supply chain economic
benefit, supply chain innovation and learning capability based on SCSA performance characteristic,
uses the thought of balanced scoreboard and supply chain performance metrics reference mode1
(SCPR). Aiming at the problem of how to evaluate the SCSA performance, this paper proposes the
data envelopment analysis (DEA) model based on chaos optimization (CO) algorithm, which not
only can use the chaotic motion characteristics of the initial value sensitivity, the ergodicity, and the
randomness, remove from the partial minimum point, but display the DEA's advantage of not
involving the parameter estimation and weight determination, cause the evaluation results not
influenced by the different index dimension. The SCSA performance evaluating results of 16
samples show that the model is simple and feasible, and improve the evaluating accuracy and

Index Terms
SCSA, improved DEA model, CO algorithm, performance evaluation, indices system