ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : June 2009

Narrowcast Pricebook-Driven Persuasion: Engagement at Point of Influence, Purchase and
Consumption in Distributed Retail Environments
Martha G. Russell
Page(s): 365-373
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The integration of information systems with advertising over wireless and broadband
communications opens opportunities for sophisticated services to be delivered to small and
medium sized organizations which often do not have the telecommunications, data management or
integrated operations infrastructure and staff that are often maintained by many large organizations.
This study of the effectiveness in retail locations of a narrowcast price book-driven video messaging
system documents the impact of the marketing messages in influencing consumer attention,
perception and behavior. Results point to increased category and brand purchases, as well as
improved perceptions of store benevolence and staff effectiveness. Product marketers, brand
managers, retailers, engineers, and academicians can draw actionable insights for the use of price
book-driven video messaging system by understanding the dynamics of engagement in persuasive
technologies. The participation of information scientists is needed in order to develop valid and
actionable analytics that serve both the information sciences and retail communities.

Index Terms
narrowcast, pricebook, engagement, automation, retail, data-driven, advertising, persuasion