ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : May 2009

The AGA Evaluating Model of Customer Loyalty Based on E-commerce Environment
Shaomei Yang, Rui Zhang, and Zhibin Liu
Page(s): 262-269
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With the development of e-commerce, the enterprises should build long-term and stable
relationship with the customers, and then enhance customer loyalty continuously through the use of
information technology and network technology, which based on the customer interest, meet the
needs of clients and customers to create value for them as the goal. At the same time, for
e-commerce beyond the limitations of time and space, so that the material, financial and
information can high-speed flow, the subsystem, such as guide, ordering, payment, trade and
security can be linked together organically , and then achieve the goods on-line trading. So face to
the complex process and the huge information, how to obtain and retain more valuable customers
and then establish and consolidate customer loyalty, which is the key for the enterprises strategy.
Based on the analysis of the customer loyalty and problems which faced, this paper established an
evaluation index system, including five aspects: customer expectations, customer trust, customer
satisfaction, customer awareness value and transfer cost; this paper built customer loyalty model in
e-commerce environment based on introducing the principles of GA method and improved
program; the examples demonstrated that AGA method is scientific and operational on the issue of
customer loyalty evaluation, and the AGA method can be applied to further areas; finally, this paper
put forward the strategies of training and consolidating customer loyalty.

Index Terms
customer loyalty, e-commerce environment, GA, AGA, evaluation model