ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : May 2009

STEAMEST: A Software Tool for Estimation of Physical Properties of Water and Steam
Muhammad Faheem, Naveed Ramzan, and Shahid Naveed
Page(s): 226-231
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A software tool, STEAMEST, has been developed for estimation of properties of water and steam for
industrial applications using IAPWS-IF97 industrial formulation and subsequent updates.
STEAMEST meets the precision and consistency standards of the International Association for the
Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) as verified by 8 byte real values for all variables. It achieves
maximum conformity (a tolerance of 1 part per billion) with “Basic Equations” of IAPWS-IF97 through
use of iterative procedures instead of approximate “Backward Equations”, where recommended
“Basic Equations” are not available. The code has been written in highly flexible Microsoft .NET
framework using an object-oriented approach to ensure portability and modularity in software
design without making any compromise on performance. Given valid input(s), STEAMEST can
predict more than 15 properties of water/steam with a user-selected precision. It includes
integrated software for unit conversion. Thermodynamic plots created by STEAMEST have the
provision of zooming a specified portion.
STEAMEST can compete with similar software both in terms of performance and reliability. Thus it
has the potential to become a valuable tool for industry and academia.

Index Terms
software tool, properties of water and steam, IAPWS-IF97, STEAMEST