ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

Ontology-Oriented SCJP Learning and Assessing System Design
Lawrence Y. Deng, Yung-Hui Chen, Yi-Jen Liu, and Yu-Chi Chang
Page(s): 159-166
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In this paper, we proposed an advanced Petri Net model to manage the workflow of a web-based
multiple participants in virtual University. The presented approach not only can conspicuously help
the developer to comprehend the interaction relationship but also to easily construct a shared and
trusted virtual world. This approach was based on the scaffolding theory and ontology. Learning
activities of students and teachers are supported and understood by each other by the intelligent
knowledge system. Their behaviors including the student’s self regulations and the teacher’s/virtual
campus regulations are performed and built with trust development. Ontology based course content
SCJPLearn can be supported in teaching activities and assessment stage. This paper can be
taken as a fundamental research framework and tools to study and understand the characteristics
of e-learning and to explore its optimal vocational education application.

Index Terms
Distance Learning, Course Management system, Ontology based, Petri Net, Reference Feedback,
Trust Management, Virtual University,