ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

A Semantic FAQ System for Online Community Learning
Che-Yu Yang
Page(s): 153-158
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Knowledge is a product out of interaction. In online community learning, learners are encouraged to
ask questions and discuss answers with each others. The value of participation and sharing during
learning is emphasized. However, interactions between learners and between learner and
instructor address a problem the instructor cannot be online all the time and it is not possible for
the instructor to deal with lots of questions proposed from learners in a timely manner. Therefore,
there is a need of an automated FAQ system to support learning efficiency of community learning
that everyone in the learning system can share knowledge with and learn from each others. This
article examines how to adopt online FAQ mechanism to facilitate knowledge share and
demonstrates how a FAQ system can help knowledge generation, accumulation and share in an
online community learning environment.

Index Terms
automated frequently asked question, online community learning, knowledge share, semantic