ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

Automatic Video Segmentation and Story-Based Authoring in E-Learning
Yi-Chun Liao and Chun-Hong Huang
Page(s): 140-146
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In e-learning, video is widely used in many course domains. We address the problem of the lecture
recording and the organization of visual information through user’s interaction at different steps. Our
work focuses on the following three important areas: (1) synchronization method of the material
contents and (2) interactions between material and users (3) construction of adaptive presentation
methods in solving different knowledge levels.
This paper proposes a story-based editing and browsing system with the automatic video
segmentation. We also point out that a video classification technology can be further integrated to
enhance the tool by using visual and audio information. In addition to the semantic segmentation,
an instructional video can be edited with an instructor’s story. The story-based editing is similar to
hypervideo. Hypervideo is used as a hyperlink in a web. An instructor can constructs an instructional
material by hypervideo links. For delivering pre-recorded lectures, we start our discussion on a
multimedia presentation recording system which we had developed.

Index Terms
video segmentation, story-based, elearning, video presentation, video authoring