ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

Developing an Interactive Video Game-Based Learning Environment
Jui-Hung Chen, Te-Hua Wang, Wen-Chih Chang, Louis R. Chao, and Timothy K. Shih
Page(s): 132-139
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With advanced computer and network technologies of nowadays, learners could benefit from well-
developed distance learning systems for obtaining vast learning content, as well as performing
learning exercises at anytime anywhere. However, to attract learners and to keep them active would
be difficult in those content-based learning systems. One possible solution is to include some
motivator factors in the online learning activities. Gaming could be considered as sort of learning. It
also features in attraction and motivation. Thus, more and more researches are interested in
developing game-oriented learning models and related game-based learning systems to attract
learners during such learning activities. In this paper, we would like to combine the video-based
course materials and game elements with an integrated learning platform called “V-GBL”
environment. Course designers could easily design GBL courses and learners could enjoy their
learning activities in the serious adventure game world.

Index Terms
VGBL, SCORM, authoring tool, interactive video, curriculum design