ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

Web-Based Collaborative Learning Architecture for Remote Experiment on Control of Bioreactor’s
Jagadeesh Chandra A.P and R.D Sudhaker Samuel
Page(s): 116-123
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The unprecedented growth in Internet technologies has created revolutionary changes in collaborative
working in an on-line environment with round the world accessibility. The adoption of collaborative
learning tools with remote laboratory enhances the experiential learning aspects of engineering
education. This paper presents a collaborative learning and remote experiment on the control of a
bioreactor environment by establishing communication between the process control computer and
remote users through the Internet. The software application is developed using graphical programming
tools to control the process parameters and to set the control constants associated with the PID control
system. The LabVIEW virtual instruments transfer information to web clients is performed using web
server and standard internet browsers for data access. Multimedia features are added to the
architecture to supplement the teaching and learning activities. The proposed system structure and
functionalities tend towards the translation of traditional collaborative characteristics into an Internet
based on-line collaborative learning environment.

Index Terms
Collaborative Learning, Bioreactor, Virtual Instruments, PID control, Web-server, Data Acquisition.