ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : February 2009

Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm based on Factor Analysis and its Application to Mail Filtering
Jingtao Sun, Qiuyu Zhang, and Zhanting Yuan
Page(s): 58-64
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Aim at the faults of Dynamic Clustering Algorithm based on Fuzzy Equation Matrix, we raise a fuzzy
clustering algorithm based on factor analysis, which it combines the technology of reducing
dimension using factor analyses method. The algorithm will deal with the sample collections
before fuzzy clustering, which enlarge the scale of using dynamic clustering algorithm to resolve
practical problems. All these show that the algorithm has a strong capability of concluding and
abstracting through being applied to E-mail filtering. At the same time, we also make an experiment
in our optional database. The experiment result verifies that the algorithm recall rate is 87.3 % in the
mail filtering, which is higher than the SVM’s 80.1%, Naïve Bayes’s 61.7%, and KNN’s 73.2%
respectively. The experiments show that the new algorithm has better recall rate and error rate.

Index Terms
factor analysis, fuzzy clustering, fuzzy equivalence relation, Spam Filtering