ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : February 2009

An Information Fusion-Enabled Third Party E-Commerce Platform Based on SOA
Hua Zheng, Lin Liu, and Ying Li
Page(s): 50-57
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The rapid development of E-Commerce not only generate huge amount of business opportunities
but also raises a new question to the supporting platform of E-Commerce. Nowadays, E-commerce
platform design is one of the hot spot of E-commerce research. The traditional 3-layered E-
commerce platform can’t meet the requirement of today’s E-commerce application which is more
complicated than before[1]. The most significant disadvantage of today’s platform is that it can not
let clients share the commercial data in terms of their need and the platform is not in a form of a
whole assembled software or webpage package reflecting various kinds of need of the customer or
providing solutions for each specific customer request. This paper firstly use the use case diagram
to analyze requirement of the third party E-commerce platform and then gives a SOA based solution
called IFTPEC in which information integration ability is assembled. Then the paper analyzes its
architecture and supporting environment and discusses its information fusion model. Finally it’s
working framework and key technologies are presented. The implementation of the system can
resolve these two questions and provides effective support for integration and operation for the
complicated and dynamic E-commerce mode.

Index Terms
information fusion, SOA, third party, E-Commerce, Web Service