ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : February 2009

A Method for Analyzing and Predicting Reliability of BPEL Process
Liqiong Chen, Zhiqing Shao, Guisheng Fan, and Hanhua Ma
Page(s): 11-18
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As an important means to compose independent services together to fulfill a function, service
composition is widely applied in different applications. However, the process of composition is
complex and error-prone, which makes a formal modeling and analysis method highly desirable. A
BPEL process based on Petri net (BPEL-Net) model is presented in this paper, which is capable of
capturing behavior of the participating services accurately. A set of rules are proposed to convert
atomic activity and structural activity of BPEL process into BPEL-Net model, the transactional
properties of services and failure processing between services are also characterized by BPEL-Net.
Based on the states of constructed BPEL-Net, we advance the concept of transfer matrix to analyze
reliability and related properties. What’s more, we put forward two simplification schemas for BPEL-
Net. Finally, a specific example is given to simulate analytical process with tool Matlab, the results
show that the method can be a good solution to analyze the reliability of BPEL processes.

Index Terms
Service composition, BPEL, transactional properties, transfer matrix, Petri net, Matlab