ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 9    Date : December 2008

An Open Approach for the Applied Pi Calculus
Han Zhu, Yonggen Gu, and Xiaohong Wu
Page(s): 44-51
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A notion of open bisimulation is proposed for the Applied Pi Calculus, which extends π-calculus in
order to facilitate analyzing security protocols. Our notion is based on the labeled transition system,
and takes a knowledge aware open approach to model knowledge in security protocols. It is shown
to be sound to labeled bisimilarity and is a congruent relation. As a running example, we analyze
two e-commerce protocol, namely iKP and Ferguson’s electronic cash protocol, by Applied Pi and
open bisimilarity.

Index Terms
Applied Pi, Open Bisimulation, Security Protocol, Anonymity, iKP, Electronic Cash Protocol