ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 9    Date : December 2008

An Approach to Discover Dependencies between Service Operations
Shuying Yan, Jing Wang, Chen Liu, and Lei Liu
Page(s): 36-43
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Service composition is emerging as an important paradigm for constructing distributed applications
by combining and reusing independently developed component services. One key issue of service
composition is how to identify relevant service operations so as to compose services rapidly and
correctly. A promising approach to simplifying the search of relevant service operations in service
composition lies in the discovery of the dependencies between service operations. However, the
discovery of operation dependencies is not a trivial task but a challenge. We propose an approach
to discover operation dependencies in a personal problem solving environment. Our approach
combines the semantic matching of inputs and outputs interfaces between service operations and
the analysis of process cases to identify dependencies. The main contributions of the approach
are: 1) It can be used to identify the direction of the dependencies. 2) It provides the method to
measure the strength of dependencies. 3) Nonconflict property and non-redundancy property of
discovered dependencies are guaranteed based on a dependency graph. Moreover, we
experimentally demonstrate the efficacy of our approach by testing it under three typical
bioinformatics scenarios.

Index Terms
operation dependency, service composition, process cases analysis, semantic matching