ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 9    Date : December 2008

Special Issue: Selected Best Papers of International Symposium on Electronic Commerce and
Security 2008 (ISECS 2008) - Track on Software
Guest Editor: Fei Yu, Chin-Chen Chang, Ben M. Chen, Yongjun Chen, and Zhigang Chen

Fei Yu, Chin-Chen Chang, Ben M. Chen, Yongjun Chen, and Zhigang Chen
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E-commerce creates many opportunities for many people from all walks of life, but also faces many
challenges. E-commerce uses information technology to transmit commercial information.
Computer networks and commerce security both supplement and complement each other. Without
computer network security as the foundation, commercial business is at risk. Security is one of the
huge challenges confronting E-commerce. Commercial businesses cannot thrive in an
environment where there are great risks to communication, etc. Security is an important guarantee
of E-commerce, and the ultimate success of all business.

The International 2008 International Symposium on Electronic Commerce Security (ISECS 2008) is
sponsored by Guangdong University of Business Studies, China, Peoples’ Friendship University of
Russia, Russia, Central South University, China, and Southwestern University of Finance &
Economics, China, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is also co-sponsored IEEE Computer
Society, IEEE System, Man, & Cybernetics Society. Much work went into preparing a program of high
quality. We received 643 submissions. Every paper was reviewed by three program committee
members and 227 were selected as regular papers, representing a 35% acceptance rate for regular
papers. To encourage the author presentation at ISECS 2008, we have chosen 10 outstanding
papers to be published in this special issue. The candidates of the Special Issue are all the
authors, whose papers have been accepted and presented at the ISECS 2008, with the contents
not been published elsewhere before.

The purpose of ISECS 2008 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia,
industry, and government to exchange their research ideas and results and to discuss the state of
the art in the areas of the symposium. In addition, the participants of the Symposium will hear from
renowned keynote speakers IEEE & IET Fellow Prof. Chin-Chen Chang from National Chung Hsing
University, Taiwan, IEEE Fellow Prof. Ben M. Chen from National University of Singapore, Singapore
and Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man & Cybernetics, Part C, and Prof. Ben K.M.
Sim from Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

We are particularly grateful to for Chin-Chen Chang, Ben M. Chen and Ben K.M. Sim accepting our
invitation to deliver invited talks at this year’s conference. We wish to thank the Guangdong
University of Business Studies, China for providing the space to hold the conference. And I would
like to mention Guangdong Key lab of Electronic Commerce Market Application Technology who
have worked throughout the year in preparation for this conference. It is the joint contribution of
many different participants that makes the conference a success.

We would like to acknowledge the exceptional effort by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Software
throughout this process.

Lastly, we wish to express our deepest thanks to the members of the Program Committee, who
gave their personal free time to perform the often thankless job of reviewing many papers under
extremely short deadlines, and to the volunteers and local assistants who made this program a

The ISECS 2009 will be held in Nanchang HangKong University, China, 22-24, May 2009, the
website for ISECS 2009 is

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nanchang HangKong University, China.

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