ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 8    Date : November 2008

Using Data Mining in MURA Graphic Problems
Wen-Hsing Kao, Jason C. Hung, and Victoria Hsu
Page(s): 73-79
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The MURA phenomenon will result lots of problems in Photomask and TFT-LCD industries as well.
In this paper, we designed and developed a MURA related association rules which suitable for the
MURA model requirements, and we named MURA Risk rating system. Our purpose is to figure out
the effective application of data mining algorithms in monitoring and control of complex Large Area
Photomask systems. By combining the Data Mining into MURA risk management. It could be
suitable not only for every Photomask company but also companies facing to the MURA problems.
And through our scheme and MURA risk rating system, we can shorten the time and reduce the
MURA problems. It could also help them to cut down their manufacturing cost as well as promote
the quality of their products.

Index Terms
Large Photomask, MURA, Data Mining, Data Mining application