ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 8    Date : November 2008

The Practical Design of Constructing Data Transition Interface with ZigBee WSN and RS-485
Wired Interface—Example with Small-scaled Wind-power Electricity Generator System
Chun-Liang Hsu and Wei-Bin Wu
Page(s): 49-56
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The purpose of this study was to explore the related practical techniques of monitoring and
controlling system in designing renewable energy system, especially for Small-scaled wind-power
generator. Recently, the whole world was actively developing replaced energy to solve the economic
development and daily-life necessities problems resulting from gradually lacking of oil. Taiwan
government was progressively planning to develop small-scaled wind-power generators under
authority of Energy Bureau of Economy Minister. The real-time running parameters of wind-power
generator is very essential for designing the power-generating system, in this paper, a data
transition system including how to construct ZigBee Non-Beacon-Enable-Network, communication
techniques, data coding, and its interface for collecting running parameters in wind-power
generator was designed with both ZigBee wireless-sensor-networks (WSN) module and wired RS-
422 Interface to double check the precision of transmitting data. The final result of this study has
successfully implemented in a practical small-scaled wind-power generator system which was part
of integrated-project of Teaching Superior Projects authorized by Taiwan Education Minister –
Constructing Monitoring and Controlling Interface in Small-scaled Wind-power Generator System,
and the validity and stability of the system has been proved efficient and successful.

Index Terms
Small-scaled wind-power generator, Monitoring and controlling system, ZigBee wireless
communication, running parameters, RS-48