ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 7    Date : October 2008

An Application Directed Adaptive Framework for Autonomic Software
Bridget Meehan, Girijesh Prasad, and T. M. McGinnity
Page(s): 30-41
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Autonomic computing is gradually becoming accepted as a viable approach to achieving
self-management in systems and networks, with the goal of lessening the impact of the complexity
crisis on the computing industry. The authors propose the integration of high level selforganisation
features into an Application Directed Adaptive Framework (ADAF), an autonomic-oriented software
development process, which when used during the development of software applications, enables
those applications to exhibit autonomic behaviour. This paper discusses the infrastructure of the
ADAF and demonstrates two self-managing capabilities that come about in a software application
as a result of applying the ADAF, namely selfmonitoring and self-diagnosis.

Index Terms
autonomic computing, autonomic-oriented software development process, self-organising
features, selfmonitoring, self-diagnosis