ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 7    Date : October 2008

Estimating and Prediction of Turn around Time for Incidents in Application Service Maintenance
M. J. Basavaraj and K. C. Shet
Page(s): 12-21
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Application Service Maintenance Projects normally deals with Incidents as First Level support
function. Incidents in majority directly link with Production Environment, so Turn around Time for
Incidents is a significant factor. Many Companies are having Service Level Agreements with
Customer for Turn around Time for Incidents. There is a need to focus on Estimating and Predicting
Turn around Time for Incidents. Improvement in Turn around Time helps in improving the Service
Level Agreements earlier agreed with the Customer. Saved time can be diverted to other Project
Activities like Enhancements or for new requests. This will also helps as one of the paths for
Companies to get new business with the Customer.
We have used Capability Maturity Model Integration(CMMI)V1.2 Quantitative Project
Management(QPM) methodology for Application Service Maintenance(ASM) Projects for estimating
and predicting turn around time for incidents. By implementing this best practice in SEI CMMI Level 5
Company we have achieved a significant improvement of approximately 50 percent reduction in
Average Turn around Time for incidents.

Index Terms
Software Estimation, Statistical Process Control, Application Service Maintenance Projects, Incidents