ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 6    Date : June 2008

Information Storage and Retrieval Schemes for Recycling Products
Takayuki Tsuchida, Teppei Shimada, Tatsuo Tsuji, and Ken Higuchi
Page(s): 37-45
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A recycling object is in its recycle chain and its status may often change according to recycling stage
or reusing status; even its structure could often dynamically change according to its reusing
demand. Capturing the structure of recycling objects with a single uniform schema definition is hard
and the conventional database management system would be inadequate to deal with this
situation. Moreover database management system employed in a recycle management system is
better to provide the capability of not only storing and retrieving information but also that of OnLine
Analytical Processing (OLAP) especially along the time axis. OLAP capability serves as an aid of
better decision making for recycling manufactures or dealers. This paper considers several
requirements needed for recycling management systems, especially on their information storage
architecture and retrieval capability for recycling objects. Their realization scheme adapting these
requirements will also be discussed. Using concrete examples based on SQL statements, we will
demonstrate advantages of our realization scheme. Improving lower level storage organization or
internal data structuring strategy for storing recycling objects can provide handling efficiency or
retrieval efficiency rather independently of the kind of recycling object. Recycling objects discussed
here are assumed to be end products.

Index Terms
storage structure, recycling objects, information retrieval, multidimensional data, OLAP