ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 5    Date : May 2008

Empirical validation of Software development effort multipliers of Intermediate COCOMO Model
Basavaraj M.J and K.C. Shet
Page(s): 65-71
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Intermediate COCOMO Model computes effort as a function of program size and a set of cost
drivers. Effort adjustment factor (EAF) is calculated using 15 cost drivers. EAF is an important
significant factor in computing software development effort. We have taken one delivered
development project of size of 479 function points and planned for 917 Person days of SEI CMM
Level 5 “Excellent” Company as a case study to analyze the EAF. We have empirically validated the
cost driver model for Intermediate COCOMMO using this projects data. Validation has been done by
using other two development projects data of Excellent Company. From our analysis, we have found
that cost drivers defined ratings need to be revisited for the projects of size less than 10 Person
months. We have come out with ratings for some cost drivers where earlier it was not defined. This
approach helps the project managers to anticipate and estimate the efforts for development
projects preferably less than 10 Person months. We have achieved approximately 30%
improvement in effort variance by following this approach.

Index Terms
Software Estimation, Intermediate COCOMO Model