ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 4    Date : April 2008

The Effect of Mobile Phone Screen Size on Video Based Learning
Nipan Maniar, Emily Bennett, Steve Hand, and George Allan
Page(s): 51-61
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This paper investigates the effect of mobile phone screen size (1.65 inches - 2.75 inches) on video
based learning. It first examines the educational benefits of video as a teaching medium and
surveys the usage and issues related with video based learning. After which, it investigates the
value of video for mobile learning. It reports on an empirical investigation that studied the effect that
screen-size has on video-based m-learning. Findings indicate that regardless of the screen size of
a mobile phone, students tended to have a positive overall opinion of m-learning and watching the
video significantly increased their knowledge of the subject area. However, if an m-learning
environment that relies heavily on video based material is displayed on a mobile device with a small
screen, such as an average mobile phone, then the effectiveness of the learning experience may be
inhibited. Paper identifies the underlying reasons why mobile phone screen size may be a problem
for video based m-learning. The implications of this finding are discussed.

Index Terms
video based learning, Video-based learning, screen size, mobile learning, mobile devices, type of
media, delivery media