ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 2    Date : February 2008

Hybrid Wireless Mesh Network with Application to Emergency Scenarios
Raheleh B. Dilmaghani and Ramesh R. Rao
Page(s): 52-60
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Establishing and accessing a reliable communication infrastructure at crisis site is a challenging
research problem. Failure in communication infrastructure and information exchange impedes the
early response efforts resulting in huge loss of lives and economical impacts. In this paper, we
present the results taken over the wireless mesh network that had been deployed to provide first
responders with an infrastructure for local communication on campus during the drill. Additionally
the network was connected to the outside world through a wired backhaul. This infrastructure is
quickly deployable, easily configurable and interoperable in a heterogeneous environment with
minimum interdependencies. We present the measurements taken directly over the network by
capturing operational network traces to evaluate network performance and identify the source(s) of
bottleneck to improve performance and network resource usage for future deployments.

Index Terms
Mesh network, Emergency communication deployment, Real scenario measurements, Field data
and Performance evaluation