ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 1    Date : January 2008

An Algorithm for Documenting Relationships in a Set of Reports
Roger L. Goodwin
Page(s): 41-48
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A typical tabular business report contains a set of cells. The cells may contain raw numeric values,
character labels, and formulas. This paper will present a bottom-up algorithm for visually
documenting the cells in a set of tabular reports. The algorithm draws a tree-like structure in a view
port. The nodes in the tree can represent the either a raw numeric value or a formula. The arcs in
the tree show which nodes share common variables in their respective formulas. In a requirements
driven environment, this visual documentation allows the programmer and the system analyst to
trace the final programmed reports (i.e. the final product) back to the requirements documentation.

Index Terms
Business planning, documentation, visual languages, trees (graphs), hidden lines