ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 3    Issue : 1    Date : January 2008

A Collaborative Inter-Data Grid Strong Semantic Model with Hybrid Namespace
Dalia El-Mansy and Ahmed Sameh
Page(s): 27-40
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The Data Grid, like all other collaboration models, has strict rules for contributors to follow and many
criteria to abide with. Namespace is one of the rules that govern the contributors. Some fields are
not ready for abiding with such kinds of global rules. For instance, scientific research taxonomy
(down to topics and areas of interest) is highly dynamic. Topics are confusingly interdisciplinary and
sometimes have institutional influence. The intention is to design a hybrid namespace collaboration
model for existing organizations to pay lower cost (initial and running) in order to join it. Data
resources will be allowed to have colliding names. The contributing organization will be free to set
any rules for its internal users to follow (such as taxonomy). However, it will have to take care of a
very simple interface to the intended model in order to introduce new contributed resources or to
query external ones. A hierarchical hybrid namespace will be maintained in order to uniquely identify
data resources that have colliding names. Similar and related topics in different places in the
hierarchy will be linked by semantic relations to express the degree of similarity and or relevance.
Resource explorations should follow the suitable semantic relations while traversing the hierarchy
of servers and data grids for more successful search.

Index Terms
Data Grids, Semantic Taxonomy, Hybrid Namespace