ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 6    Date : December 2007

On Remote and Virtual Experiments in eLearning
Sabina Jeschke, Harald Scheel, Thomas Richter, and Christian Thomsen
Page(s): 76-85
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The science of physics is based on theories and models as well as experiments: the former
structure relations and simplify reality to a degree such that predictions on physical phenomena can
be derived by means of mathematics. The latter allow verification or falsification of these
predictions. Computer sciences allow a new access to this relationship, especially well-suited for
education: New Technologies provide simulations for the model, virtual instruments for running and
evaluating real experiments and mathematical toolkits to solve equations derived from the theory
analytically and to compare the outcome of all three methods. We will demonstrate this approach on
several examples: Ferromagnetism, thermodynamics and the Harmonic Oszillator. We furthermore
give a brief example on an online-tutoring system that makes our setup attractive for self-study
outside the university campus.

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