ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 5    Date : November 2007

Reducing Domain Level Scenarios to Test Component-based Software
Oliver Skroch and Klaus Turowski
Page(s): 64-73
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Higher-order black box software tests against independent end user domain requirements has
become an issue of increasing importance with compositional reuse of software artifacts. Recently,
a general method was proposed that derives testable scenarios directly from a customer domain
model by abstraction, reduction and inclusion for critical coverage [32]. The resulting linear (i.e.
nonbranching) scenarios are used as references to test suppliers’ software specifications against.
This paper presents the method in an overview and elaborates on the domain reduction step within
the process for the generation of testable scenarios from a domain model. An example is provided
which is non-fictitious on the domain side. Advantages of the method are an underlying clear
business model, test oracles that are independent from the software development process, and
validation results that are generated early in the development cycle, before the software itself is

Index Terms
component, software, higher-order test, validation, scenario, domain, end user requirements