ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 5    Date : November 2007

Building Self-Configuring Data Centers with Cross Layer Coevolution
Paskorn Champrasert and Junichi Suzuki
Page(s): 29-43
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This paper describes a biologically-inspired architecture, called SymbioticSphere, which allows  
data centers to autonomously adapt to dynamic environmental changes. SymbioticSphere follows
biological principles such as decentralization, evolution and symbiosis to design application
services and middleware platforms in a data center. Each service and platform is designed as a
biological entity, and implements biological behaviors such as energy exchange, migration,
reproduction and death. Each service/platform also possesses behavior policies, as genes, each of
which defines when to and how to invoke a particular behavior. This paper presents a set of
behaviors for services and platforms, and describes how services and platforms act and interact
with each other. Simulation results show that services and platforms autonomously adapt to
dynamic network conditions (e.g., user location, network traffic and resource availability) by evolving
their behavior policies across generations. Simulation results also show that services and
platforms coevolve to improve their adaptability by adjusting their behavior policies cooperatively.

Index Terms
Autonomic self-configuring network systems, Biologically-inspired networking, evolvable network