ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 4    Date : October 2007

Real Time Simulation of Medical Diagnosis with Confidence Levels on Distributed Knowledge Nodes
Narongrit Waraporn
Page(s): 80-87
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Telemedicine has been researched to provide better care to people in the remote area via Internet.
Enhancing the Telemedicine over Internet can be applied to multiple health-care agencies containing
medical knowledge in distributed databases. We are currently developing an internet-based medical
diagnosis system, called Medical Knowledge Technology (MKT) system with confidence levels during
coordinately diagnosis by multiple medical experts to support both medical experts and patients for
early diagnosis and in researches. In this paper, methodologies of medical diagnosis among locally,
regionally, nationally, and globally distributed nodes of MKT system are explained with their medical
knowledge structures and experimental results on real-time simulation. In addition, the formulae for
finding confidence levels for medical diagnosis are presented step-by-step according to the way that a
physician diagnoses a patient.

Index Terms
Telemedicine, Internet, medical knowledge, distributed databases, medical diagnosis, confidence