ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 4    Date : October 2007

A Novel Framework for Building Distributed Data Acquisition and Monitoring Systems
Vu Van Tan, Dae-Seung Yoo, and Myeong-Jae Yi
Page(s): 70-79
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We propose a novel framework for building a distributed data acquisition and monitoring system.  
Our novel framework is mainly based on XML leverages and OPC (Openness, Productivity, and
Connectivity) techniques. Correspondingly, our framework-based system allows easily aggregating
more than the hundreds or thousands of the existing OPC DA (Data Access) products in use today
with new OPC XML-DA products in a flexible system that can support to exchange the complex data
between the OPC products in both the vertical and horizon effectively. In addition, the high
performance and abilities of reading and decoding any type of data from hardware I/O devices on
the plant floor, which are truly important factors in application design, are also adequately proposed
in this framework. To provide a framework for design and implementation of the control and
monitoring systems, our framework is proposed as the throughout of standards for interfaces,
architectures, and functionalities. This framework is significantly easy to reuse, maintain, and
deploy to real industrial applications. In addition to guarantee security problems, we discuss the
levels of security aspects in the control and monitoring systems considerately. These security
aspects provide more security information for technical-level readers. Moreover, the evaluations of
our framework and system performance analysis indicate that our framework-based system has a
good design, an acceptable performance, and is feasible to apply to the area of control and
monitoring systems today.

Index Terms
Framework, XML leverage, distributed data, OPC, monitoring system, security, acceptable