ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 4    Date : October 2007

Instantiation of a Classification System Framework that Facilitates Reuse
Sérgio F. Lopes, Adriano C. Tavares, João L. Monteiro, and Carlos A. Silva
Page(s): 57-69
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Frameworks are a key technology to reduce software development costs and shorten the time-to-
market. However, framework complexity presents reuse problems that limit its success as an
application development alternative. Therefore, it has been widely recognized that is necessary to
effectively communicate frameworks and provide appropriate tool support. Although advancements
have been made in these directions, difficulties still endure. We argue the problem should also be
addressed at another level – the framework model. Moreover, both the framework documentation
and the level of support that tools can provide are decisively dependent on the considered
framework model. In this paper, we present our proposed framework model and the respective
supporting notation. We discuss their application in the design and description of a Classification
System Framework. Then we describe how the framework can be reused based on the proposed
description technique. This case study illustrates how the proposed model and description help to
alleviate difficulties of framework reuse.

Index Terms
Component-oriented design, framework documentation, frameworks, object-oriented design and
programming, software architecture, software reusability, UML.