ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : August 2007

Compositional Patterns of Non-Functional Properties for Contract Negotiation
Hervé Chang and Philippe Collet
Page(s): 52-63
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Providing powerful and fine-grained capabilities for the analysis and management of non-functional
properties is a major challenge for component-based software systems. This article presents an
approach that relies on some integration patterns of non-functional properties in hierarchical
software components. These patterns are based on a classification of low-level non-functional
properties, which takes into account their nature and lifecycle. They make explicit the
implementation of these properties in relation with components. The proposed model also provides
appropriate support for some forms of compositional reasoning on theses properties. The
compositional patterns have been implemented on a hierarchical component platform and directly
exploited in non-functional contract negotiation on a validating application. The proposed patterns
enable negotiation processes to be precisely propagated down the component hierarchy, so that
better runtime adaptations can be conducted on reaction to non-functional degradations.

Index Terms
Component-Based Software Engineering, Hierarchical Software Components, Non-Functional
Properties, Contract, Negotiation, Compositional Reasoning