ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : August 2007

A Systematic Approach to Design Domain-Specific Software Architectures
Eduardo S. Almeida, Alexandre Alvaro, Vinicius C. Garcia, Leandro Nascimento, Silvio L. Meira, and
Daniel Lucrédio
Page(s): 38-51
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Since the first works involving software reuse, domain engineering is considered a key process to
develop reusable and flexible software. However, the results have shown that there is still much to
do before the vision of domain engineering is completely achieved. Among the reasons for this
problem, we may highlight the lack of a process to support the design of domain-specific software
architectures. This paper presents such an approach, based on a well defined set of principles,
guidelines and metrics. We also present an experimental study that evaluated the viability of
applying the approach in domain engineering projects.

Index Terms
software reuse, domain engineering, domain analysis, software architecture, experimental study