ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : August 2007

IP-based Clustering for Peer-to-Peer Overlays
Piotr Karwaczyński and Jaka Močnik
Page(s): 30-37
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The efficiency of overlay networks built on top of the IP network is often threatened by the mismatch
between the topologies of the overlay and the underlying IP network, resulting in unnecessary traffic
and increased latencies. Substantial improvement can be achieved by optimizing the logical links
between overlay nodes to better match the IP network topology. In this paper, we propose a new
method for selfoptimization of a DHT-based peer-to-peer overlay. Our method has no need for active
measurement of inter-node latencies, thus minimizing network traffic costs of node insertion and
topology maintenance. We verify our method by means of analysis of large data sets of latency
measurements between arbitrary nodes on the Internet, proving correlation among common IP
prefix length of communicating nodes and latency.

Index Terms
peer-to-peer, overlay network, topology mismatch problem, proximity neighbour selection