ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 1    Issue : 3    Date : September 2006

An Integrated Approach to Quality Achievement with Architectural Design Decisions
Heeseok Choi, Youhee Choi, and Keunhyuk Yeom
Page(s): 40-49
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Good software architecture is critically important for successful software development. The software
architecture can be defined as a set of architectural design decisions. However, the effort for
acquiring good software architecture currently lacks of interest and experience in architectural
design decisions. For this reason, during acquiring good software architecture, it is difficult to
evaluate the architectural designs and make changes to the architecture that is relevant for the
required changes. Therefore, this paper proposes a model of architectural design decisions for
making architectural design decisions more explicit. Based on the proposed model, this paper also
proposes an integrated approach for acquiring good software architecture with respect to its
requirements, which is called AQUA. Namely, the AQUA defines decision centric process of finding,
evaluating, and changing the decisions. During the decision-centric process, the AQUA involves
works of architectural evaluation and transformation. The AQUA provides software architects
with a means for achieving software quality attributes through acquiring good software.

Index Terms
architectural design decision, software architecture, architectural evaluation, architectural
transformation, architectural change