ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 1    Issue : 2    Date : August 2006

SOANet - A Service Oriented Architecture for Building Compositional Network Services
Victor A. S. M. de Souza and Eleri Cardozo
Page(s): 1-11
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The high competition among network providers places a demand for new ways to design network
services with near zero development time, low cost, and high degrees of customization and
evolution. Customization allows to fit the service according to the customers’ requirements, while
evolution allows to adapt the service as soon as these requirements change. Moreover, customers
are demanding the ability to manage the contracted services in order to keep service usage,
configuration, and evolution under their control. This paper presents an approach based on service
oriented architecture (SOA) for developing network services able to fulfill the requirements of rapid
development, customization, and customer-side manageability. The approach considers the
network service as the composition (orchestration) of a set of basic services. A generalization of the
architecture primarily aimed at connection oriented networks is introduced, extending it to overlay
networks. Two services for the management of tunnels on optical networks are presented as a
case study.

Index Terms
Service Oriented Computing, Service Oriented Architecture, Web Services, Orchestration,
Choreography, Connection Oriented Networks, Overlay Networks