ISSN : 1796-217X
Volume : 1    Issue : 1    Date : July 2006

On-the-fly Construction of Web Services Compositions from Natural Language Requests
Alessio Bosca, Fulvio Corno, Giuseppe Valetto, and Roberta Maglione
Page(s): 40-50
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The introduction of Semantic Web techniques in Service-oriented Architectures enables explicit
representation and reasoning about semantically rich descriptions of service operations. Those
techniques hold promise for the automated discovery, selection, composition and binding of
services. This paper describes an approach to derive formal specifications of Web Service
compositions on the basis of the interpretation of informal user requests expressed in restricted
Natural Language. Our approach leverages the semantic and ontological description of a
portfolio of known service operations (called the Semantic Service Catalog). Each user request is
processed against a Natural Language vocabulary that includes lexical constructs designed to
convey the operations' semantics, in order to recognize and extract fundamental functional
requirements implied by the request, and associate them to entries in the Catalog. In addition, the
request interpreter extracts from the request the overall service logic, expressed in terms of a set of
modular templates describing control and data flow among the selected operations. The result is a
composition specification that associates on demand each user request to a new composed
service. That specification is formal and can thus be transformed in an executable flow document
for a target service composition engine.

Index Terms
Service-Oriented Architectures, Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services, Natural Language