ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : July 2009

A Multi-dimension Qos based Local Service Selection Model for Service Composition
Liurong Hong and Jianqiang Hu
Page(s): 351-358
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There are two service selection strategies in dynamic service composition, i.e., global strategy and
local strategy. The existed global service selection algorithms, due to insufficiently show users’
partiality and feature of the service, is unfavorable to encourage the service provider to optimize the
service quality to some extent. In this paper, an ordinary utility function is used as a numerical scale
of ordering local services, and then a multi-dimension Qos based local service selection model is
proposed to provide important grounds to choose superior service and sift inferior service.
Secondly, subjective weight mode, objective weight mode, and subject-objective weight mode are
constructed to not only determine the weight coefficient of each Qos criterion, but also show users’
partiality and the objectivity of service quality. At last, this model is proved to be flexibility and effective
based on our SEWSCP (Semantic Enable Web Service Composition Platform).

Index Terms
local service selection, service composition, subject-objective weight mode, SEWSCP