ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : July 2009

An Effective Calculation of Reputation in P2P Networks
RVVSV Prasad, Vegi Srinivas, V. Valli Kumari, and KVSVN Raju
Page(s): 332-342
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With the advent of sophisticated networking technologies and the related applications, more and
more computers are getting hooked to the Internet. This is mainly for utilizing several services
ranging from information sharing to electronic transactions. P2P networks which allow
decentralized systems, have posed problems related to trust when transactions have to be carried
out. Current literature proposes several solutions for trust management and reputation
computation. The solutions base their assessment of reputations on the number of successful
transactions or on the similarity of the feedbacks. There are some concerns in the feedback ratings
if we are not considering the issues like number of transactions, frequency of transactions with the
same peer and different peers, age of transaction, how frequently a given peer attends a common
vendor, and the number of common vendors between the pairs. This paper puts forward a
reputation computation system addressing these concerns. It implicitly allows detection of
malicious peers. It also incorporates a corrective mechanism, if the feedbacks are from more
number of malicious peers. The implementations and the results that support our claims are also

Index Terms
trust, reputation, peer-to-peer, transaction, recommender systems, credibility, feedback, similarity.